Integrating Shopee into Ruby on Rails app - Part 1

Apr 16

Hello! In this article, we will be looking at the basic part of integrating Shopee - The leading online shopping platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan into our Ruby on Rails app.

I will be demonstrating on making a simple successful request to one of Shopee's endpoint. I will be using endpoint to get the registered shop info. Shopee will provide the following information (below) to merchants. These information is required in order to make a request to Shopee API.

  • Partner ID
  • Shop ID
  • Secret Key

Checkpoints when making a request

  • Ensure that POST method is being at all times. Shopee specified that all API's should use POST.
  • Ensure Content Type is being set to application/json in the HTTP Header
  • Ensure the HTTP Body contains the following at all times.
    • partner_id
    • shopid
    • timestamp
  • The HTTP Body should look something like {"partner_id": 123456, "shopid": 123456, "timestamp": 1523865691}

Authenticating a Request

Having those in place, we are read to authenticate the request. The main part of successfully authenticating a request to Shopee is to generate an auth signature correctly. The signature is calculated by passing the signature base string and signing key to the HMAC-SHA256 hashing algorithm.

  • Signature Base String We first need to get the signature base string by concatenating the url and the data.

     BASE_URL = ""
     API = /shop/get
     DATA = {"partner_id": "PARTNER_ID_PROVIDED_BY_SHOPEE_IN_INTEGER", "shopid": "SHOP_ID_PROVIDED_BY_SHOPEE_IN_INTEGER", "timestamp":}.to_json
     signature_base_url = BASE_URI + API + "|" +  DATA
  • Generating Auth Signature Once the Signature Base String is obtained, we can simply generate the auth signature by simply passing the Secret Key provided by Shopee and the Signature Base String to the hashing algorithm.

     auth_signature = OpenSSL::HMAC.hexdigest('sha256'), "SECRET KEY PROVIDED BY SHOPEE", signature_base_url)

Making the API Call

Putting it all together, simple use HTTParty to make a post request and pass in the necessary headers.
      BASE_URI + API,
      :headers => {
        'Content-Type' => 'application/json',
        'Accept' => 'application/json',
        "Authorization": auth_signature
        }, :body => DATA)

Congrats! You can now use any Shopee API. Just simply pass in any additional parameters to the body as required by the respective API and you are good to go!

Happy Coding!